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Disability-Specific Sites:

Grouping "assistive technologies" according to disability is probably inappropriate. Joy Zabala, an NCIP Workshop Facilitator says it best: "Have you ever been asked what software would be right for a person with cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome or any other specific disability? I hope you are smiling as you read this, for if you know more than one person with a particular disability, you know that's an unanswerable question without knowing what the person needs to be able to DO as a result of using the software. This is not to say that there are not factors of disability that influence the selection and use of tools, but that they are secondary to the desired functional use of the tools." Nonetheless, many web sites do categorize technology according to disability. If this is your preferred way of accessing information on this topic, here are some links that were found under disability-specific sites. Since the functional needs of people with various disabilities overlap, you may wish to visit all of them.

Visual Impairments

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Hearing Impairments

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Physical/Mobility Impairments

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Cognitive Disabilities

This category will eventually contain more sites related to learning difficulties, communication disorders and traumatic brain injury.

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