Disability & Technology: A Resource Collection
Compiled by Diane Galambos

About this site... (This is a very old site that some still seem to find useful.) It was designed for use by students in the Educational Assistant (EA) program at Sheridan College, for individuals with disabilities, and for my colleagues and friends with related interests. This page contains links to web sites that focus on disability and technology. Most sites will refer to assistive/adaptive devices that are computer-based and/or related to computer access. However, since assistive technology can include any device that improves function, other technologies are mentioned on many pages. I have purposely excluded disability sites that have little or no reference to technology.

Table of Contents

Introductory Information

These links provide definitions and discussions related to assistive and adaptive devices. It is a good starting point if you are unfamiliar with some of the key terms, concepts and applications related to this area.

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The following links will connect you to pages called them "gateways" because they offer links to more sites. Explore the "back" links within the pages below for more general information on disabilities.

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Disability-Specific Sites

Grouping "assistive technologies" according to disability is probably inappropriate. Joy Zabala, an NCIP Workshop Facilitator says it best: "Have you ever been asked what software would be right for a person with cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome or any other specific disability? I hope you are smiling as you read this, for if you know more than one person with a particular disability, you know that an unanswerable question without knowing what the person needs to be able to DO as a result of using the software. This is not to say that there are not factors of disability that influence the selection and use of tools, but that they are secondary to the desired functional use of the tools." Nonetheless, many web sites do categorize technology according to disability. If this is your preferred way of accessing information on this topic, here are some links that were found under disability-specific sites. Since the functional needs of people with various disabilities overlap, you may wish to visit all of them.

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There are a number of online journals and magazines, and those included here either specialize in disability and technology, or have occasional articles on related topics. This list is by no means exclusive. Many gateway sites refer to magazines and periodicals. If you find one that's noteworthy, please let me know.

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Online Discussion Groups & Courses

Your depth of knowledge and skills tends to increase when you talk to others about your learning and experiences. These links will take you to sites where you can join listservs and newsgroups. Although listservs can now be viewed through web browsers, most of these discussion groups invite you to "subscribe" (for free) - you send an Email message asking to subscribe and read messages in your mail reader (e.g. Netscape or Outlook). Newsgroups do not ask you to subscribe and work somewhat like bulletin boards where people post messages and responses. These are usually organized in "threads", so that you can choose to read only those "conversations" that interest you. As you'll see below, there are many opportunities for you to learn from other people's conversations, ask questions, and/or contribute information about your own experiences with technology and adaptations.

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Accessible Design

The following links lead you to sites which focus very specifically on accessibility.

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Commercial Sites

Commercial sites are on the Internet for profit, but I include some here because you may, in fact, be interested in purchasing some of the products you read about elsewhere on the web. Even if you're "just looking", a few of these sites are worth a visit just to see a photo of the product, get a description and some prices. Link to this list provided by ATRC.

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Contact Information

I've tried to include only those sites that I've judged to be good/great.
If you know of a valuable site that I haven't included here please let me know.

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