History: The Monsaroff Student Paper Night was introduced in the 1960's and is named in recognition of Boris Monsaroff, an industrial chemist/chemical engineer and author, who lived and worked in Hamilton, for more than 30 years and who played a leading role in the CIC. Monsaroff maintained a vigorous interest in science and economics and was deeply concerned with the impact of scientific development on economic and political policies. The Hamilton Section organized Student Paper Night in order to foster student interest in developing communication skills and in using these skills to transmit knowledge to a general audience.

Participation:The Student Paper Night is held typically in March and is open to all undergraduate students of chemistry, chemical engineering, and chemical technology attending Mohawk College or McMaster University. Interested students are required to make a written submission on the proposed topic of their presentation to the Hamilton Section. From these submissions, a number of students are selected to make oral presentations on MSPN. Presentations are graded by a panel of judges, who are employed in the industry.

"The Scientist, the engineer and the technologist must aquire a broader outlook and an understanding of the role his work plays in our social and economic organization. Occasionally he must leave the seclusion of his laboratory, workshop or drafting board and delve into the uncertainties and pitfalls of social and economic relations. He must cooperate with the economist, the social and political scientist" - Boris Monsaroff